Final Thoughts

HereColour As indicated in each product’s section, many of the colours have extensive shade variation, and although every effort has been made to give an accurate photographic representation of every product, Stone Agencies strongly recommends you visit your nearest approved stockist to view the flags in person before you purchase any material. We also suggest that you take from several packs at a time when laying your flags to get an even colour low throughout the project, as variation in colour from batch to batch is only slight but may look unsightly if not planned ahead. Also, check the direction of the riven surface and lay accordingly. Remember: the best way to design your garden is always by eye. If it looks right, it generally is!

Maintenance Stone Agencies take great pride in supplying our products in excellent condition, and to keep that “fresh out of the pack” look you should ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your paving. This involves simply washing the areas with warm, soapy water and brushing thoroughly with a stiff broom at least on a quarterly basis.

Selecting a Landscaper If not completing the work yourself, there are many professional landscapers who specialise in natural stone, and you should ask for several detailed written quotes from different businesses. Make sure the landscaper has adequate insurance, and ask to see a portfolio of their previous work (or even to visit projects they have completed).

Health & Safety Obviously, natural stone products are very heavy, and common sense should always be applied when handling Stone Agencies Landscaping materials. Pieces over 25kg in weight (or pieces which are an awkward shape or size) should always be handled by at least two people. Suitable protective clothing (such as thick gloves and safety goggles) should be worn when lifting or cutting stone

Tolerances All standard Stone Agencies Paving products come in variable thickness ranging from 25mm to 35mm.