About Us

Here at Stone Agencies we understand that outdoor space is as important as is the indoor. Our aim is to work with our customers to develop our range according to the demands of the market. As you browse through our website you will see that our range is extensive, offering variety which is what customers require when they are planning their garden.

Quality is what makes our products stand out from the crowd. Working closely with our suppliers and embedding stringent quality checks throughout the quarrying process has enabled Stone Agencies to supply high quality stone consistently.

Every stone is finished individually by hand to ensure uniformity in size and thickness, all contributing towards a seamless finish once the stones are laid in any garden. The attention to detail does not stop at the Finished product we have worked arduously with our suppliers to design the packaging that guarantees safe transit from quarry to your doorstep. So when you receive your order you are assured of a perfect load.

As a team we take pride in what we do and are passionate about our products. Our knowledge stems from years of experience and constant research of our industry. Therefore we are always willing to share any information or advice on issues, just as much as we are willing to source products that you may not see within our website.

So go on browse through our range and choose to be Unique!